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Iain Abernethy, one of the world’s leading experts in practical karate application and one of K4L’s biggest supporters.  We owe Iain a huge debt of gratitude for all he has done for our cause.

Kris Wilder and Lawrence Kane, two of the best martial arts instructors and authors working today.

Home of YMAA publishing.  Not only do they publish the best martial arts books on the planet, they’ve also been great supporters of K4L.  Thanks Barbara, Nick, and David!

Stuart Williams - Writer, martial artist, friend, and “Bruiser”

Michael Rosenbaum Blog –  great martial artist, karate historian, and purveyor of some of the funniest MA tips and answers out there

Rory Miller’s Blog - Self-protection expert and former jail guard (and self-proclaimed thug)  If reading this doesn’t make you think, you may have Scarecrow Syndrome.

Wim Demeere's Blog - Another excellent and thought-provoking blog, this one written by a Belgian martial artist.  If you’re not reading this, you’re missing out on some of the best martial arts knowledge and analysis on the Internet.

Al Peasland-  Top self-protection expert, great guy, and fellow “Bruiser”

Marc MacYoung - Be prepared to be enlightened and amused, often simultaneously.

Brent Yamamoto is one of the best martial artists that I know.  He’s doing some amazing things in applying internal structure to practical karate appliction.  Here’s his dojo website.  Train with him, if you get the chance.  It will take your martial arts to another level.

Nick Guinn -  A great martial artist, even better friend, and fellow world traveler.

The homepage for the Blue River Martial Arts Club, one of the best little dojo in the KC metro area

Hombu dojo site for the Sho-Rei-Shobu-Kan International Budo Organization

Karate4Life Foundation